Leica Geosystems Register 360 and Cloudworxs Version 2020 are here!

Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon officially release Register 360 and Cloudworx 2020 today. After reading the release notes I am sure everyone will be pleased with the much needed additional tools in Cloudworx for Revit and Navisworks. Also you can now export section boxes and use Paul Burrows favorite tool “section cut” through a 360 images to DXF. I am providing links to download from my site below.

Leica Register 360 Version 2020
  1. Register 360 2020
  2. Cloudworx for Revit 2020
  3. Cloudworx for Navisworks 2020
  4. Cloudworx for AutoCAD 2020
  5. Cloudworx for BricsCAD
  6. Multiworx for AutoCAD 2020
  7. Jetstream 2020

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