Cyclone Register Core 2020 is finally here

Cyclone Register Core 2020 is finally here and these are the two biggest reason to use it! Thanks goes out to Paul Burrows and the Hexagon team for all the slides.

My First reason for updating to Cyclone 2020 is it finally brings Group Visual Alignments!

This means no longer needing to grab two single set ups from two groupings to align. This has been a FARO type feature forever and its finally here in Cyclone! So FARO users who have converted to take advantage the speed and simplicity of the RTC360 rejoice!

Simply grab two groups and visually align. One of the simplest workflows I have seen so far.

My secondary reason to update to 2020 is you can now TruSlice much more like Register 360.

I’ve never enjoyed the many steps it takes to use truslicer in Cyclone. I really appreciate this feature. Simply go to Registration, QA Quick Slice and choose your AXIS. It really couldn’t get any easier than that.

Lastly, there is a ton of other bug fixes, updates and new features in Cyclone 2020. If you’d like to read all the release notes check here. If your not in Europe and you really have a hard time downloading you can get Cyclone 2020 here. Also Paul Burrows and his group are putting out a ton of High quality Lunch and Learn videos. I’d suggest giving him a follow on LinkedIn and checking out his video series.

Well I am off to add Cyclone 2020 to my computer and start digging into the new tools myself.

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