Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner – Firmware v3.0

It’s been along time coming but its finally here. A pretty Major firmware update the really addresses the issue many of the PRO’s Reality Capture guys have been complaining about. I will quickly address my favorite updates. Also like always I have downloaded the update and make it available here on my site. RTC360 Firmware

  1. Check and Adjust RTC360 Level of Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy

This feature has been a long time coming. I love the fact you can run a 51 second scan. Check the current angular accuracy and accept the new angular parameters to improve the angular accuracy of the instrument. I will be testing this over the next few weeks and am extremely hopeful that in use with my tribrach this will provide even cleaner more accurate data.

2. Format Leica RTC360 USB Drive

If I could count on two hands how many times I get out to a scan project with RTC360 Drives that are completely full, this is a life saver. This could prove extremely helpful but keep in mind you over right the drive and all the older information is lost. Make sure to back up data daily. I honestly wonder how many people will overwrite drives that have not been back up…

Now this one feels a little scary.

3. Tilt and altitude sanity check

My first assumption after reading this is, you might want to run step

1. Check and Adjust RTC360 Level of Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy

before utilizing this step and it sounds like it verify’s against the current accuracy.

“The tilt and altitude information provided by the VIS system is compared with data provided by the tilt
sensor and barometer.”

From the release notes other great achievments are

  1. the ability to create API’s with Linux (My brother-In-Law might love this one)
  2. Improved TILT detection
  3. Large Job Performance synchronization.
  4. As always here is a Link to the full release notes

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