Brian Presnell from KR Inc, a Seattle Leica Geosystem reseller, hit me up to go on a Bike Ride the weekend of 7/17/2020. He told me he had just scanned the KR training room with the Leica RTC360 and wanted to do something creative with the DATA. We worked together importing the DATA into Register 360, adding in Metadata and exporting using Publisher Pro. to a Jetstream file. We then tagged up the data for fun inside of Jetstream and exported a new published LGS File. I put the file on an open link and I challenge anyone to download it and enjoy Jetstream art as much as we did. We also created a quick video, with some quick and easy pointers to show just how easy Jetstream is to use. I hope you enjoy…

You can download JETSTREAM Viewer Here.

You can Load the Marked up Jetstream File Here.

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Reality Capture, Laserscanning, Video, Photography, BIM, VDC

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