THE Worlds first 8TB NVME? Sabrent says, “YES”!!!

All new to the Sabrent Line Up we have the Rocket Q 8TB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280. Sabrent utilized the Phison’s E12S controller and 3D QLC NAND Flash. The memory should be capable of reaching speeds of 3.4 GB/s (READ) , and around 3GB/s (WRITE).

I personally have been running the 4TB Sabrent in my 15″ Razerblade issue free for some months now. I’d will happily put the 8TB to the test when available.

M.2 PCIe Gen3
Power Management Support for APST / ASPM / L1.2
Supports SMART and TRIM commands.
All Sabrent NVMEs come with FREE copy of Sabrent Acronis

Maybe the best thing that will happen for me this year! Finally something in 2020 besides Corona virus.