NearMap to AutoCAD Map for Beginners

It’s probably no secret that I love anything I can incorporate into my Point Clouds. I enjoy putting together deliverables with an extreme amount of details and really high end background graphics. On my first adventure with NearMaps, Geo-located, imagery I searched around for a clear and easy to understand tutorial on youtube. I found some interesting how too videos that always skipped the very basic steps. I decided to create a very basic video for using Geo-located images in AutoCAD MAP. Here’s my VERY beginner how to video, I really hope this helps!

Bluebeam Project 3D PDF Dashboard

Back in 2014 my, at the time, student intern Ben Goncharenko and I were looking for something different to do within our Bluebeam Project at USC. We wanted something that the USC Shareholders could really dig into and understand, in 3D, the USC Village Project. At the time 3DPDF was a somewhat newer type of format with no a ton of people using or supporting it. As we were always forward thinking individuals we hacked forward. This video is a small presentation of what we put together. Big thanks to Ben for really working harder than me to make this possible.